Welcome to Codsall Dramatic Society, Local Drama Group in Codsall, Wolverhampton

Codsall Dramatic Society are a local drama group based in Codsall, which borders South Staffordshire & Wolverhampton. Established by the Codsall Women's Institute in 1949, every year we do 4 different shows, 2 'main productions', our Studio evening and our highly successful annual Play for Children around the start of December.

Providing Codsall with High Quality Theatre

Here at Codsall Dramatic Society, we pride ourselves on producing the highest possible standard productions. Our productions range from Classics such as Coward or Wilde's to Modern plays from writers such as Shelagh Stephenson, Oliver Lansley and Laura Wade. We're always looking for new members to help with our shows. We currently meet every Wednesday, 7:30pm, at Codsall Village Hall. Sign up for our newsletter today and stay up to date with CDS productions!